Harrison Water Ram Pump

  • Easy to install
  • No Electricity
  • Operates 24 hours a day
  • Built to last, made in stainless steel and Nylon 6.
  • Can pump to vertical heights in excess of 250 meters.

Look at this pump as the heart, pumping the freshest water (it will only work with running water). The flexible hose (the artery) taking up the shock and pushing the water through smaller veins into water troughs or tanks in as many possible branches off the main line, and up to your shed and house. The ram is made up of four main parts:

  • Stainless steel body.
  • Non-return valve.
  • Exhaust valve.
  • The flexible hose made from Neoprene rubber - a high pressure weather resistant hose.
SSV$895.00Single valve pump 12 to 20mm drive.
SLV$950.00Single valve pump 25 to 32mm drive.
DLV$1295.00Single valve pump 40 to 50mm drive.
TSVP.O.A.Double valve pump 2½ inch drive.

Prices including GST. NZ Freight & handling charge $25.00


Water Ram Components

The Harrison's Water Ram operates by water energy and is used where water supply exceeds the water needed.

The water is taken from a spring, dam or stream and pumped to reservoirs and troughs.

The pump uses the well known principle of water hammer. Water hammer is the cause of the shudder in the pipes and taps when a tap is turned off quickly in high pressure supplied buildings. The hydraulic ram using this principle has been used since the 18th century. This design used an air chamber in which air was trapped. When the exhaust valve slammed shut the water would go up into the air chamber and compress the air. This would absorb the shock (water hammer). The flexible hose now takes place of this. Using the same basic principle and modern materials, the pump has been transformed into a simple design which is smaller and more efficient.

If you have a water flow of 3 litres a minute or more you can pump water with the Harrison's Water Ram. The Harrison's Water Ram can pump water to a vertical height in excess of 250 metres.

The saving in electricity could pay for the ram in less than a year.

Ram Calculator

The amount of water pumped depends upon:

  • Your water source flow and therefore your drive pipe size and length.
  • The vertical fall to vertical lift ratio: e.g. 1 unit of vertical fall to X units of vertical lift). A 1:5 ratio will pump more water than a ratio of 1:20.
  • The rate of pulsation. Normally set between 80-120 beats per minute.
  • The distance and pipe size from the ram to the tank (outlet). If the distance is great there will be a loss due to friction.
  • The length and slope of the drive pipe.

The above figures were determined by actual use of rams in the field. Exact output of a ram at your site will vary according to the particular circumstances.